Our involvement started back in 1998 when we helped Pedalboard.com develop the Modular PedalBoard. Tom Knesel, the founder of the Pedalboard.com and a guy that really understands tone, saw a need for better power supplies, switching systems and pedalboards. The initial designs were developed to fit his personal needs and evolved into products with a demand.

Tom's passion is in R & D and the day to day operations of the company soon became more than his already full schedule would allow. A few attempts were made at keeping Pedalboard.com alive with help from some great friends and retailers but in the end, the company became inactive.

So, if you've tried unsuccessfully to reach Pedalboard.com, know that we're here to help. PedalGear.net is the exclusive producer of Tom's original ideas. We've changed the direction of distribution with our company somewhat and our initial focus will be catering to the experienced and aspiring pros. Tom's thinking about some new products and he will continue to be involved in an advisory position with PedalGear.net as we develop some of his ideas along with a few of our own. Until further notice, all sales will be made exclusively through this web site.

Any feedback from you regarding new ideas and products is much appreciated. Visit our contact page and let us know what you think.
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